A Letter to Myself

Dear myself

There are some things you are learning and will continue to learn in this new season. This season that is marked by tumultuous emotions, and a variety of contexts and places unfamiliar. These things are marked below as they are to be remembered, named, mourned but also celebrated. 

* You will cry often, not because you are weak but because you feel. 

* Sometimes you will have to let people go and release them from your life, but you will celebrate the new friendships and the fact that it is better to have loved and lost, then never have loved to start

* You shall learn that somethings last, and others don’t, and defeat doesn’t necessarily mean there has not been honour and significance

* As before sometimes you will feel very far from God, and other times closer than you have ever been before

* You will continue to wear your heart on your sleeve, even when it leads to disappointment and hurt, as you’ve learnt that to hide away your heart is no way to live

* Many times you will find yourself grieving for your old identity – your old context – and this is important as it reminds you of the deep role it played in your life

* Sometimes you will compare yourself to others with a sense of jealousy, but will also have moments of deep gratitude for the space you’re in, knowing it’s value is beyond its worth in cash 

* Often you will miss your family, but remembering that home is not a static place or concept but a place cultivated bytuose you love, and who love you

* Occasionally you will have a little to much wine or chocolate, but you will also find new ways of living and balance that are more healthy and green than before

* There will be moments of deep despair and fear, but also times of unrequited joy and laughter

* You will get horribly impatient with yourself, but also have numerous opportunities to rediscover grace

* Most importantly Jared, trust grace. Her wisdom has more to teach you than you’ll ever know, and her education will enable to you love and be loved like you never have before

Yours in hope, faith, and love,


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  1. Cheers to that, to growing, to understanding life and enjoying it.


    1. jaredincpt says:

      Absolutely Seelen. Thanks for stopping by business card2

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  2. Kirsten says:

    I needed this today thank you Jared. Sometimes it’s good to step back and realize what we have and appreciate it.


    1. jaredincpt says:

      Thanks for reading Ally! business card2

      Liked by 1 person

  3. kambani says:

    I really like how connected – and committed – you remain to your past, your uncertain future and the ambiguous present in which you find yourself. even though it may not be as neat and tidy as some of us like our affairs to be, it is good. thanks for sharing Jared. it has been a privilege to be invited into your journey.


  4. eanceoilblog says:

    Impressive post. “home is not a static place or concept but a place cultivated by those you love, and who love you”. Beautifully worded.


  5. eanceoilblog says:

    Tears – your liquid words.
    Privilege to read your learning.


    1. jaredincpt says:

      And thanks for reading 🙂



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