My Dubai Wishlist

If I’m honest, I’ve never seen Dubai as more than just a quick stopover, at one of the biggest airports I’ve ever stepped foot in. I’ve simply never had the desire to explore more of the city, so when the team at Travelstart asked me what my top spots would be I had to do some serious research! Most of what I’d seen on social media were the glamorous malls and hotels, and this wouldn’t cut it for me. After some digital digging, I think I’ve come up with a good starting point if I ever do land up in the city for more than a few hour’s layover. Here’s my Dubai Wishlist:

1. History at Bur Dubai
The Bur Dubai is the city’s most historic area, and a good place to experience some of the cultural diversity. Begin by taking in the traditional markets of Deira. When you’ve had your share of local foods and trinkets, take a water taxi to the Dubai Museum which is housed in Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai’s oldest surviving building, dating back to 1787. Also check out the Coffee Museum in the same complex, and get your needed caffeine fix.

2. Next-level Theatre at La Perle
Whilst you may not associate West End productions in this Far Eastern location, if it’s theatre you’re looking for, I’d definitely be interested in seeing how latest technology and talented performers give breathtaking performances at the impressive La Perle.

3. Desert Adventures
Since I’d be visiting a city built in the desert, an important part of my itinerary would be a trip into the dunes, but not just for the sake of adventure sports, but also to hopefully get a sense of traditional Emirati culture, by visiting a bedouin camp for some traditional food, fire-eating and maybe even some bellydancing!

4. Art and Culture Escapades
If you’re like me and love understanding a city and it’s culture through her creatives, then it seems the place to head to is Al Quiz for galleries, hipster-hangouts, and at ‘A4’ a co-working space. Also try and check out one of the performances at ‘The Fridge’.

Don’t forget to checkout Travelstart for your flights to Dubai, and if you land up in the big city, let me know if my Wishlist items were worth the visit!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mallikapil says:

    Its an awesome city to explore, been there twice, Quite impressive, waiting for more to read


    1. jaredincpt says:

      Thanks for the response – how long did you spend there each time?



      1. Mallikapil says:

        I worked there as a chef dear.


      2. jaredincpt says:

        Ah that makes sense!



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