by jared is the website and blog of Jared, a Cape Town based travel journalist, content creator and tour guide based in South Africa. The blog focuses on travel, lifestyle, spirituality, Cape Town and South African related topics interspersed with personal anecdotes and musings. For information on visting Cape Town, click here.

A while back, sitting on a remote beach in Thailand, I read a little quote that had a significant impact on my life: “Don’t give the world what you think it needs, but take what makes you come alive and do that; because the world needs more people who have come alive.” Since then I’ve sought to reorient my life around this. Trying to understand myself and others, and what makes us come alive.
17 years later and couldn’t have made a better choice. Along the way I’ve also discovered that I’m something of an experience junkie and aficionado. I crave new experiences, and because of my love for people I love taking them along. I’m forever saying something along the lines of “Hey, why don’t we go and do this”, or “flip it would be cool to go and see…”

The Journeyimg_9310a

Growing up in the hills of Pietermaritzburg, I studied IT and worked as a designer in both South Africa and London. Several years later I decided to trade-in what I felt was too many hours sitting in front of a computer screen, for a vocation of working with people as a pastor in the Anglican Church. After a 3-month sabbatical, in the beginning of 2017 I transitioned into a new season.

Doing What I Love

We love titles, don’t we? I regularly get asked what I do, and I alternate between: travel journalist, social entrepreneur, digital marketer, writer and tour guide… I love people and experiences, and I really come alive when I can connect the two. Here are the three main strands:

  1. Writing – I enjoy sharing experiences with others, and have the privilege of working full-time as a travel journalist. I’ve been published on,, Traveller24, CapeEtc, SA Tourism and more. I’ve also been interviewed/mentioned in several other publications. See here for the media list.

2. Social Media & InstagramI love understanding the world through photography, and equally important, sharing those experiences with others. Instagram become a helpful tool to do just that – whilst continuing to be an interactive and communal forum. Due to my substantial followin (+48k with 50% local following and 50% international), this platform has lead to me partner with hotels, tourism boards, PR companies, promotions, and many more. I also help consult individuals and businesses on using Instagram, and growing their reach. To collaborate or partner with me on Instagram, contact me here (note to PR companies/brands – please don’t contact me to work for free – this is my full-time work), or through Webfluencial here.

3. Tour Guiding & Social Curation – With my love for people, I’m always exploring ways of entering, designing, encouraging and building community. Along with this, I qualified as tour guide, running private tours or experiences in Cape Town for (mostly) foreigners who want to explore Cape Town in a more personal and intimate way. See more information on my bespoke tailor-made experiences here, or contact me for more info or to chat about MC opportunities.


Having studied IT, theology and psychology, I also enjoy a variety of other activities life has to offer: hiking, running, playing squash, bonding with my piano, reading, brewing beer, sampling great wine and haute cuisine, travelling, writing, and definitely sleeping.