There’s a new class of gentleman on the block – the urbane modern man. With a clipped confidence he navigates the urban space, and comfortably wears his role as an aesthete and epicure. This modern man of course owes some of his suave existence to his gear and gadgets. I have surveyed some of the tempting options in the array of offerings and want to highlight three items that I feel are indispensable to every modern man.

  1. His headphones: Meet Sudio

Whether commuting to work, sitting at the desk, or relaxing at home, every man needs a good pair of headphones. A little scouting led me to Sudio, a Swedish-based company who are starting to make their presence known in the local audio industry. Within minutes of receiving my Regent headphones I was moving around the house, conducting the orchestral moments of the Cinematic Pop album streaming from my phone. The headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, so after a quick pairing to your phone you’re all set; and the built-in microphone means the phone doubles up as a hands-free kit. Having no cables connecting you to your PC is refreshingly liberating, and the 10m range gives you enough room to get to the Nespresso machine and back (without disconnecting).

What about postage and tax, since Sweden is not around the corner? Simple. The team at Sudio have thought of everything! Their products are sold tax-free: at checkout an online calculation is performed to work out the import duty and taxes; it’s then deducted from the total cost, and free shipping is offered worldwide. No compromise is made with the design of their selection of headphones, which well complements the studio-quality sound. For the fitness junkies, check out the Vasa Blå (their wireless in-ear option which is next on my wish-list).  Check out the products at, and the good news is you can use the code JAREDINCPT15 at checkout for a 15% discount!

  1. His sunglasses: Introducing Transitions Drivewear

After a series of disappointments with the “el cheapo” budget sunnies, I realised it was time to settle for a more serious eye-wear partner: Transitions Drivewear sunglasses came to the rescue. For two months I’ve trialled my pair, and in that time they’ve hardly left my side…or face rather. Let’s get to the technical details and you’ll see why. Transitions Drivewear are currently the only sunglasses available that have lenses that change to three different colours, darken and lighten to suit your outdoor conditions, and are polarised lenses.

Here’s how it works: in bright sunlight colours are changed to their darkest whilst maintaining vibrant colours; in overcast conditions the lens lightens for clearer vision; and in daylight driving, glare is reduced and stable (continuous) lighting given. The glasses have been specifically designed for golfers, fishermen, cyclists and drivers. This versatility is particularly what I’ve valued, as they’ve perfectly adapted themselves to a hike on Table Mountain, drink at a hotel after, and all the driving in-between. Check out the images on their website to see examples of the lenses in action, the various frame options, and where to get yourself a pair.

  1. His Bag: King Kong Leather

Nothing is worse than arriving for a meeting, carrying the standard issue nylon-stitched laptop bag. Life is simply too short for that. In Cape Town we’re spoilt with several superb local offerings for custom-made bags, and I eventually chose a tan leather sling bag from King Kong Leather to safely – and stylishly – store my laptop during transit.
John is an affable character who warmly welcomes you to his store, and the larger than life grin across his face is testament to the pride and trust he has in his products. For 12 years John and his team of over 12 artisans have been supplying quality leather bags to Capetonians. Each bag is hand-crafted with exceptional quality, and carries a five-year guarantee. You can customise your bag to your specific requirements, and even have your initials branded on the bag. The prices are simply unbeatable, so make sure to give them a visit at their Woodstock showroom. View their products online here, and there’s also free delivery anywhere within South Africa.

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