Welcome to my four-part Men’s Lifestyle Series, where each week I’ll be introducing you to an individual that I believe every gent should have in their life. Each will offer unique advice and tips in their area of expertise. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Part 1: Meet the Barber

I believe that every man should have a good barber or hairstylist. After doing some exploring I came across Viggo, who is one half of the dynamic hair duo @We_married_Hair. I’m proud to be a brand ambassador for him, and decided to share with you a little more of his story, and get some insider tips from the pro. Now time to meet the barber:

Viggo’s Top Tips

  1. Make sure that your barber takes your face shape into consideration – the shape of the haircut as well. For gents cuts you want to keep the majority of it quite square, making the features of the face a bit stronger.
  2. Shampoo and conditioner – use a good brand, washing every second or third day – which will avoid too much product build up, or the stripping of the hair’s natural oils.
  3. Use a hair dryer! I know most gents think it takes too much effort, but if you want that design style that you’ve asked your barber to cut it into, that you’ve seen in pictures, then a hair dryer is very important to push the hair into the desired style. Use hot air first to mould the hair into the style and direction, and then use cold air to settle and smooth the style.
  4. Make the right choice of product! A lot of guys go for the quicker (and cheapest) option – this can make the hair very oily, a lot of product buildup and then they complain that they can’t get the right style. You may want to look for something more matte, which gives the texturized look. Ask your barber for the right advice on the right product for you!

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and catch some of the inspiration. Viggo cuts at Barnet Fair in Bree Street, make sure to call ahead and make sure you visit on a day when he’s in.

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