Men’s Lifesyle Series 4: Meet the Stylist

by Jared

Welcome to the final in my four-part Men’s Lifestyle series, where each week I’ll be introducing you to an individual that I believe every gent should have in their life at some point. Each will offer unique advice and tips in their area of expertise. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Meet the Stylist

Some guys seem to born with an inherit giftedness in knowing what to wear, and what not to wear – and I needed some help from the former! I was about to buy my first suit in a very long time, and made sure to get some input from someone who knows what they’re talking about: meet Kale van der Merwe from Kale & Co. This uber-stylish tailor, stylist and model came to my rescue, advising me on how to choose the right suit, and of course the shoes and belt to go with it. Watch the clip below to see what we got up to:

A big shout out to Tread and Miller – my go-to store for all things leather-related. Thank you for the stunning shoes – check them out online and on Instagram. Thanks also to Markham for letting us film instore.


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