Run away with me – and Old Khaki…

by Jared

I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Old Khaki with their ‘Run Away With Me’ campaign, and for my upcoming trip to the Wild Coast they made sure that I travelled in style. Here’s a little excerpt from the interview we did (view it here on their blog). 

Old Khaki: The first of the April long weekends are finally upon us and with Easter weekend coming up, Old Khaki teamed up with three of South Africa’s foremost lifestyle and travel bloggers who will be each be enjoying a fabulous getaway with some of this season’s hottest autumn and winter looks in their adventure arsenal.

Meet @JaredinCPT
Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?
I’m a Cape Town based writer, Instagrammer and social curator. A while back, sitting on a remote beach in Thailand, I read a little quote that has made a massive difference to my life: “Don’t give the world what you think it needs, but take what makes you come alive and do that; because the world needs more people who have come alive.” Since then I’ve sought to reorient my life around this, trying to understand myself and others, and what makes us come alive. 13 years later and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Along the way, I’ve also discovered that I’m something of an experience junkie and aficionado. I crave new experiences, and because of my love for people I love taking them along. I’m forever saying something along the lines of “Hey, why don’t we go and do this”, or “flip it would be cool to go and see…”

My blog focuses on travel, lifestyle, spirituality, Cape Town and South African-related topics interspersed with personal anecdotes and musings.

What is your travel style?

I suppose my signature travel style is ‘adventure budget travel with a touch of class’ – now there’s a mouthful. As I’m an experience junkie I’m always trying to find great experiences, but as I’m self-employed doing things cheaply is always a factor. I do however like the finer things in life, and working as a travel writer often allows me to stay at some beautiful places, or enjoy those moments of more luxurious indulgence!

As for my travel must-haves, I rarely travel without my Kindle. I love reading and this little device means I don’t have to carry a pile of books with me anymore! Secondly versatile multipurpose/walking shoes – you never know what kind of terrain you’ll experience, or what spontaneous adventure lies around the corner, so a pair of flexible shoes is a must. Thirdly I love to travel with a small bottle or flask of whiskey. If a fantastic sunset view presents itself, or mountain summit needs celebrating, a little whiskey should be close at hand!

Which Old Khaki items will you be packing this weekend?

The Arthur Jack Tan Jagger shoes, Russ Men’s Pullover, Denver Men’s Tee, Benny Oxford Men’s Shirt and Garth Leather belt.

What is your top travel tip?

If you love photography like I do, and have a digital camera – sometimes you want to get your pictures transferred instantly to your phone for sharing on social media or with your family. I have a SD card that doubles up as a Wi-Fi chip; you can then simply connect to the SD card with your phone and immediately download your photos. Very nifty!

Which travel destination is on your bucket list?

This would have to be Franschhoek. I’m in love with this little Winelands town – it never seems to lose its charm. Plenty of wine farms and places to eat, stunning hikes, a coffee roastery – what more could you want?

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