Welcome to my four-part Men’s Lifestyle series, where each week I’ll be introducing you to an individual that I believe every gent should have in their life. Each will offer unique advice and tips in their area of expertise. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Meet the Personal Trainer

While I may be lucky to be born with a decent level of base fitness, I’m both unmotivated and often too lazy to exercise. Realising that I needed a little help with the process, I approached the manager of my local gym, the Constantia Virgin active. After discussing with him, he came up with some suggestions to get me on my way, and connected me with Thomas, one of the personal trainers at the gym.  Watch the clip below to see what transpired!

Thomas’s Top Training Tips

  1. Make sure there’s a Connection: when you choosing someone to help you reach your goal a, there has to be a connection between you both. You must feel excited and comfortable around your trainer. This person is going to be around for awhile, you must sure you’ve chosen him/her correctly.
  2. Always be willing to try new things: each trainer will have his/her own style of training.  When you start with then you’ll explain to them what you want but sometimes they’ll have something better that they sure you’ll love. Be willing to explore those new fields.
  3. Dress the Part. People think it’s not important to wear the best clothes, which there is the truth too but when you dress the part you act the part. you train harder .
  4. Bring a Friend.
    When you start training, there are times when you’ll  struggle to keep up your motivation, it’s great to have a friend, train with you. You both will keep each other motivated.

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Thanks to Virgin Active Constantia for the outstanding support and staff who are always willing to go the extra mile. Be sure to check out Thomas if you need a personal trainer or some fitness inspiration: Instagram and Facebook! Thanks also to Mountain Runner for the race entries – do check out their adrenaline-pumping races!

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